Quantum Gravity 2023

It is a great pleasure to announce the Conference “Quantum Gravity 2023” taking place at Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, from July 10 to July 14, 2023.

The conference aims at bringing together experts from different approaches to quantum gravity and promote engaging and inclusive discussions on the nature of quantum spacetime. 
The meeting will provide a platform to discuss the open questions currently driving the research field in an open and constructive format. The goal is to work towards combining the lessons learned within various complementary approaches followed by the field.

Following the spirit of the “Quantum Gravity 2020” online-event organized by Perimeter Institute, we hope that “Quantum Gravity 2023” will make a contribution to bridging the gaps between quantum gravity approaches and bring together the entire community for a constructive and fruitful exchange.

See https://indico.imapp.ru.nl/e/quantumgravity2023 for more information.